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Hi Lift

Hi Lift Shatush Freehand Balayage Lightener 450g

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Benefits & Features


Hi-Lift Shatush freehand Balayage gives hair outstanding ultra-light tones. This lightener for all balayage is both dust-free and odour-free. The dust-free nature of this product makes it safe for use by professionals as there is no risk of breathing in the lightener. More than just brightening hair from root to tip, this high-lift booster also helps improve hair health. Using this freehand lightener extensively leads to softer, silkier, and more hydrated hair, making hair easier to manage.

This creamy lightener helps eliminate the warm, yellow undertones present in hair, revealing clean, bright tones. Hi-Lift Shatush Freehand Balayage lightener made in Italy is of high quality. It is a mild colour hair colouring powder formulated from natural sources with no adverse effect on hair health.

Balayage and freehand lightening products are easy to use, fast-acting, and produce a creamy consistency on mixing. It comes in a 450g bag, making it perfect for use in a professional salon. This freehand hair lightening powder lifts hair up to 8 levels. It helps prevent hair colour damage, ensuring hair returns to its original colour when bleach wears off. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause injury to the sensitive scalp.

Key Features

  • Protects hair from damage associated with a normal bleaching
  • The product is dust free and odour free, eliminating the health risks associated with breathing in the lightener
  • Offers up to 8 levels of lifting, eliminating the unpleasant warm and yellow undertones and revealing clean and brilliant tones
  • It is easy to use, and fast-acting, producing a creamy consistency
  • Produced in Italy under strict quality conditions

Is This Product For You?

  • It affords hair depth and dimension, giving it a beautiful sun-kissed end product.
  • Remove the unpleasant warm and yellow tones, replacing them with clean, brilliant ultra-light tones
  • Safe to use on both hair and scalp and does not cause any allergic reactions


  • Put the desired quantity of bleach powder into a non-metallic bowl
  • Add double quantity of peroxide
  • Mix until you achieve cream consistency
  • Apply to hair

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

It lifted my dark brown hair to blonde very evenly.

Works well

Easy to use and fast acting. Great balayage bleach

The best bleach

This brings out a beautiful blonde. Highly recommended

Mia I.
Great balayage bleach

Great price,