Everything You Need To Know About Parlux Dryers

Everything You Need To Know About Parlux Dryers

Nov 02, 2023Sharnee Rawson

Every customer knows the golden rule  the first item you see is rarely the best choice. Careful research is essential for houses, cars, phones and other large purchases. Hairdryers are no different! 

There are many types of hairdryers available, but it’s important to start with one of the best brands on the market. Parlux is adored by professionals and constantly boasts new accolades. Each hairdryer is made in the haircare capital of the world — Italy — and we think the attention to detail shows. 

You can start by choosing from seven different ranges to suit your needs, including Digitalyon, Alyon, Advance Light, Ardent, 3200 Plus, Powerlight 365 and Ceramic & Ionic Eco Friendly 3800.

We will explore each one below and answer the essential questions about caring for your device, costs and accessories. Together, let’s investigate the benefits of Parlux hairdryers. 



What Are The Best Parlux Hairdryers?

With Parlux, your biggest concern is choosing the right type of hairdryer to suit your needs. There are unique hairdryers for every situation, but you can expect some shared features. The most notable ones are 240 voltage, ergonomic handles, push-on nozzles, and six heat settings and speed settings. 

There are seven hairdryers to investigate, which means we won’t waste any more time. Let’s dive into this incredible collection from Parlux. 




Digitalyon is the newest hairdryer from Parlux. An evolution of the beloved Alyon model, experts have dubbed this: ‘the lightest, most powerful, full sized professional hairdryer ever produced by Parlux.’  

We have already fallen in love with the new lightweight and digital motor, which has been tested in top hairdressing salons. The record airflow of 88m3/h and long lifespan will let you create sensational hairstyles again and again. We should also mention the new wave heating element with variable geometry and power levels of 2400 watts. This means uniform heat distribution, optimised heating areas, faster drying and excellent energy saving. 

Digitalyon continues to make jaws drop with the new SLIM nozzle. This attachment is specially designed to give a “straightener effect,” especially when paired with the ionic and ceramic technology inside the body. As if that wasn’t enough, the filter and patented hair catcher system will keep the hairdryer squeaky clean. 

We will certainly be racing to grab Digitalyon off the shelves.

Key Features:

  • A lightweight and digital E-LYON motor.
  • 2400 watts and 88m3/h.
  • An ‘anti-heating’ front body. 
  • More heat with the new wave heating element.
  • Anti-bacterial technology.
  • A patented hair catcher system and new filter.
  • New slim nozzle for a ‘straightener effect.’
  • Contains ionic and ceramic ‘air ionizer tech’ technology.
  • A cold shot button is included.
  • Quiet, ergonomic and only 395g.
  • 3 metres of super strong cable.
  • There are two speeds and four temperatures.
  • Eco-friendly.  

Price: Not yet known.



It’s time to introduce a hairdrying legend: Alyon. This device is adored by hairdressers around the world because of the reliable design and long list of perks. Let’s unpack the finer details below.

Although Digitalyon has been described as an evolution of Alyon, there are several differences to consider before grabbing the latest model. One of the most notable is the K-advance plus professional motor, which boasts 2250W and 84m³/h. You might be surprised by these numbers — Alyon is only slightly less powerful than Digitalyon. All for a smaller price!

You can also expect a long lifespan when using the earlier model. For more than 3000 hours, it is possible to create smooth and shiny hairstyles with minimal damage. You should keep in mind that Alyon is slightly heavier than the new model, which means more strain on your arms during styling. 

Yet, many of the features are the same. You will fall in love with the new variable geometry heating, antibacterial technology, hair catcher, anti-heating front body, soft-touch switches, cold-shot button and much more. 

Key Features:

  • A K-advance plus professional motor.
  • A lifespan of approximately 3000 hours.
  • Air ionizer tech ionic technology.
  • 2250W and concentrated airflow of 84m³/h.
  • New variable geometry heating element.
  • Well-balanced, ergonomic and only 456 grams.
  • The hair catcher prolongs the lifespan.
  • An anti-heating front body.
  • Soft touch switches and cold shot button.
  • The antibacterial surface will maintain hygiene.
  • Low noise pollution and superfast drying to encourage energy savings.
  • A built-in cable holder with 3.3 metres of extra-strong cable.
  • Includes two concentrator nozzles.

Price: $415.

Advance Light

Advance your styling skills with Advance Light

This affordable blowdryer features the K-advance motor with 2200W and 83³/h airflow. This will reduce drying times and maintain healthy hair. You can enjoy the effects during the lifespan of 2500 hours — plenty of time to produce eye-catching looks.

Let’s move towards the most engrossing features of Advance Light. The ionic and ceramic technology will make hair smoother and frizz-free every time. Begin by choosing between four temperature settings, two speed settings and an instant cold shot button. All hair types and textures will appreciate the final result. 

You can always expect the best from the #1 Italian hairdryer brand in the world!

Key Features:

  • A professional K-advance plus motor.
  • Expect 2200W and airflow of 83³/h.
  • Ionic and ceramic technology for healthier hair.
  • There are four temperature settings and two speed settings.
  • An instant cold shot button to set the hair.
  • There are two soft switches for comfort.
  • A long lifespan of 2500 hours.
  • A lightweight 460g size.
  • An anti-heating front body.
  • Features a 3-metre professional strength cable.
  • Includes two concentrator nozzle attachments: small and large.

Price: $415.




Meet the most affordable hairdryer on the list. Ardent is the first professional Parlux hairdryer specifically designed for modern barbershops. Although the vintage design and polished graphite finish are captivating, we are more excited about the innovative technology. 

Even with low-key numbers of 1800W and 61m³/h, Ardent is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding professionals. The AC professional motor and variable geometry heating element will complete the job every time. Services are also assisted by air ionizer technology for softness, shine and faster drying. You can show off incredible beards, moustaches and hair in no time.

Even the fussiest customers in your barbershop will appreciate the endless perks. You can choose between four temperatures and two speeds. In addition, the anti-heating front body will encourage comfort levels, and the 3.3 metre cable will let you reach all the important angles. 

Key Features:

  • The most affordable Parlux hairdryer. 
  • Designed specifically for modern barbershops.
  • A vintage design and polished graphite finish.
  • Contains 1800W and 61m3/h.
  • A 2000-hour lifespan.
  • An AC professional motor.
  • A variable geometry heating element.
  • Features air ionizer technology for fast drying.
  • Enjoy a soft and shiny beard, moustache and hair.
  • Choose between four temperatures and two speeds.
  • An anti-heating front body.
  • A 3.3-metre cable. 
  • Includes one nozzle.

Price: $288.



Powerlight 365

What about an award-winning hairdryer? 

Although the entire list of hairdryers has collected accolades, Powerlight 365 stands out. This particular hairdryer was inducted into the InStyle Best Beauty Buys Hall of Fame and won “Best Hairdryer” for five years in a row! Let’s explain exactly why.

Despite the lightweight size and quiet noise level, Powerlight 365 has impressive numbers: 2150W and 79m³/h. Simply press any of the temperature buttons and speed settings to experience the static-free effects. The long lifespan of 2200 hours means you will appreciate the power for longer too. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all hair types and textures.
  • Witness 2150W of controlled power.
  • A concentrated airflow of 79m3/h.
  • A long lifespan of 2200 hours.
  • An ultra-lightweight 480g size.
  • Ionic and ceramic technology for static-free hair.
  • There are four temperatures and two speed settings.
  • An instant cold shot button
  • A quiet noise level.
  • A 3-metre professional-strength cable
  • Includes two concentrator nozzles: small and large.
  • Made in Italy.

Price: $403.

Ceramic & Ionic Eco Friendly 3800

While all Parlux hairdryers are made with a sustainable focus, Ceramic & Ionic Friendly 3800 takes this to the next level. All the components are recyclable and contain no toxic elements. The packaging is even made from biodegradable cardboard. 

The sustainability of Ceramic & Ionic Friendly 3800 extends to technology too. The fast drying capability will save time for customers and save energy at the same time. During the lifespan of 2000 hours, you will make plenty of magic with the impressive numbers: 2100W and 75m³/h. Start by selecting from the six speed and heat settings, including the cold shot button.

Finally, you can achieve the most soft and shiny hair thanks to ceramic and ionic technology. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all hair types and textures.
  • All the components are recyclable and contain no toxic elements.
  • Made from biodegradable cardboard. 
  • There are four temperatures and two speed settings.
  • An instant cold shot button.
  • Features ionic and ceramic technology.
  • There are 2100W of controlled power.
  • Appreciate the 75m³/h airflow.
  • A long lifespan of 2000 hours.
  • A lightweight 500g size.
  • Quiet noise levels.
  • An anti-heating front body.
  • A 3-metre professional-strength cable.
  • Includes two concentrator nozzles: small and large.

Price: $371.



3200 Plus

Interestingly, 3200 Plus was redesigned to provide a better salon experience. The most distinct feature is the “one-suction concept,” which leads to quieter and faster drying during every appointment. 

Another unique feature of 3200 Plus is the ciaramella K-lamination motor. With 1900W and 71m3/h, you can style customers during the total lifespan of 2000 hours. That is a lot of time to unleash your creativity. 

Finally, rest easy knowing the usual features are present: six settings, three metres of cable and two nozzles. You can certainly depend on 3200 Plus when transforming your clients. 

Key Features:

  • An intriguing one-suction concept.
  • A quieter and faster hairdryer.
  • A lifespan of 2000 hours.
  • You will adore the power levels of 1900W.
  • An airflow of 71 m3/h.
  • A ciaramella K-lamination motor.
  • There are six settings available.
  • A strong 3.30-meter cable.

Price: $332.75.

How To Care For Your Parlux Dryers

Experts know the importance of maintaining hairdryers. If proper care is taken, they can perform better and last longer. Whether you want to learn new information or refresh your skills, there are a few steps to boost the performance of your Parlux dryers.

  • Clean the filter: Although the latest models contain antibacterial and hair catcher technology, you will need to clean the filters regularly to optimise the performance and prevent overheating. Simply remove the filter and run under water to cleanse. 
  • Store properly: This one seems like common sense, but we are all guilty of leaving our hairdryers on countertops, tables and chairs. This increases the risk of damage from liquids, chemicals and other electricals. Accidents are less likely if the hairdryer is stored in a cupboard or drawer.
  • Do not strain the cord: Most Parlux cords are more than three metres long, which means there is little chance of straining the cord. We still recommend being wary of tangling or stretching the cord to prevent damage to the wiring.
  • Do not block the air vents: The quickest way to overheat and damage hairdryers is by blocking the vents. Let the air flow freely to enjoy the best results from your favourite electrical appliances.
  • Keep away from heat: This advice may seem redundant — don’t hairdryers produce heat? Although these devices are designed to handle high temperatures, too much can overwhelm them. Make sure you keep hairdryers away from sources of heat to prevent breakage.
  • Keep away from water: Most people know water and electrical appliances do not mix. To prevent breakage and injury, keep your hairdryers far away from any type of liquid.



How Much Do Parlux Dryers Cost?

There are many types of hairdryers from Parlux and many different prices. From the highest price of $415 to the lowest price of $288, there are options for every occasion.  


You will be excited to hear there are accessories for your Parlux hairdryer. These will elevate your experience and even provide bonus capabilities. 

Check out the Parlux Silencer to muffle the sound of the blowdryer. There is also the Parlux Diffuser to distribute airflow subtly and encourage curls. Both have affordable price tags to suit every budget.

Are Parlux Dryers For You?

While many types of hairdryer brands are available, we think Parlux should be one of your top choices. 

You can choose from a wide range of options, including Alyson, Advance Light, Ardent, Powerlight 365, Ceramic & Ionic Eco Friendly, 3200 Plus and even the brand new Digitalyon. Each one is bursting with trendy colours, technology and accessories. 

To create your own incredible hairstyles, check out the full Parlux range. You can also visit AMR Hair & Beauty stores in Penrith, Ingleburn, Epping, Cannington and Belconnen. 


Table of Comparison

Model Technology  Airflow Wattage Size Price
Digitalyon Air ionizer tech + digital E-LYON motor 88 2400 395g Unknown
Alyon Air ionizer tech +  K-advance plus motor 84 2250 456g $415
Advance Light Ionic and ceramic technology + K-advance plus motor. 83 2200 460g $415
Ardent Air ionizer tech and AC motor 61 1800 480g $288
Powerlight 365 Ionic and ceramic technology 79 2150 480g $403
Ceramic & Ionic Friendly 3800 Ionic and ceramic technology 75 2100 500g $371
3200 Plus A ciaramella K-lamination motor 71 1900 510g $332


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