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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 02, 2017Samantha Bun

Mother's Day is a special day that we take time to say thank you to our mums. They are the superstars of our lives. We think it's also a great time of year to celebrate all the special women in our lives.

We are grateful every day for the role they play in our lives. We salute you.

We will look at some fantastic Mother's Day gift ideas as well as specific product recommendations.

Gift Ideas To Spoil Mum

Mums sometimes feel like one of the hardest people to buy, right? Stress less, we've got some conventional gift ideas and some a little outside of the box to ensure your mum is spoiled this year! 

Spa Day

There's honestly no better way to make mum feel more relaxed than through a spa day. Whether it be a facial, massage, or a mani-pedi your mum will enjoy just kicking back and not having to worry about anyone else but herself. Sauna to the pool, then the steam room to the spa, the options are limitless on this one.

You have the option to spend as little or as much as you like on this idea and if you want to make a day of it, it's something that the two of you can do together.

If you want to organise something extra special that will last a little longer than just the day, purchase hair or skin supplies for her to use at home all year round - more tips on that soon.


Lady with hot rocks on back after massage


Take Her Out

You'll probably find your Mum would be excited just to get out of the house and spend some time with you. If you want to keep the plan simple, organise a nice picnic somewhere (wine and cheese are essential).

If you want to put in a little more effort, the movies or a nice venue will always be welcome. If your mum is anything like mine, she'd be keen for a date bowling or heading to a games arcade.

Maybe consider a nice winery or wine tour, what else helps push past those awkward silences better than that?

Hair Pampering

Has your mum been a little busy lately and neglecting her hair? Maybe a salon appointment is just what she needs! Organise for you both to go out and get your hair done. What better way to reconnect than by sitting alongside one another in the salon chair chatting for a few hours? This is also a good way for mum to feel a little better about herself.

If getting a full colour done breaks the bank, maybe just have her hair washed and styled to make her feel like a million dollars.

If you want something that is going to last a little longer than the day, hair care products will be suitable to add a little luxe into mum's everyday routine.


Lady at hair salon with a glass of wine


Chocolates & Perfume

Spoil your mum with some chocolates and her favourite perfume. Chocolate releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy right? If you feel like the chocolate is still cutting it a little close to easter, just perfume will be enough.

Find her favourite scent and buy it for her or introduce her to your favourite smell. It's a gift that can last all year long.

Flowers or Plants

I know flowers are a cliche idea but they honestly make you feel great. There's nothing better than walking into a room with fresh-smelling flowers and looking at the incredible decor. This idea will be a surefire way to put a smile on Mum's face.

If you feel like flowers die quickly and aren't worth the money, consider buying one or more plants (and they can be flowering too). They may not have quite the impact as a bunch of roses but they will can last a long time. You can even buy plants online these days or you can head to your local florist or have them delivered on the day.


Bunch of native Australian flowers in a vase


Book/Magazine Subscription

If your mum loves to read magazines why not buy them for her and have them delivered to her door or inbox every month with a magazine subscription? You select how frequently she gets them and the duration so it can fit within your budget.

If your mum is a little more dignified and prefers delving into a book, there are always new titles out there to explore.

Mani/Pedi Date

You could take Mum to get her nails done. It's probably the only time you can get your own nails done too without having to plead with your significant other why you really need them fixed. It's a great way to bond and it's probably not something she does for herself often.

You could also just get her a voucher for your local nail salon and she can have them done for the next special occasions she attends. If you are talented enough, you can buy all the nail and nail polish products with AMR and then try to paint her nails yourself. No better way to bond!


Woman admiring her freshly painted nails


Hair Electrical Appliances

When was the last night your mum got a new straightener or hairdryer? Maybe she's in the market for some hot styling tools but hasn't been willing to fork out the money herself.

Get her the best of the best in hairdryers by getting her a Parlux. They are super long-lasting and you won't need one again for another 10 years. Silver Bullet has some amazing straighteners and curling wands if you are after something high quality. 


Do you have a mum who puts lots of effort into her appearance and makeup is a must-have in her life? Help her elevate her makeup game with some new goodies to add to that makeup bag of hers.

If she has a favourite brand, maybe give her a gift card to AMR and she can pick and choose the products and brands she likes. Even a light mirror might be something she would love.


Woman looking at hand mirror about to apply lipstick


Education Courses

This last suggestion is something you'll love or hate. Would your mum be interested in a career change? Have you ever asked your mum what her dream job was? Would she like to learn more about a new hobby?

Our mums have put their entire lives on hold for us and would have likely knocked back many of their own dreams to watch us grow. Once we've flown the coup, are they still happy in that job?

There are plenty of affordable courses out there that will help Mum expand her knowledge or skillset.

If Mum would like to up-skill for a promotion, there are plenty of other short courses that are affordable to help grow her career. We are all for the working class Mammas!

Specific Gift Suggestions from AMR Mums

A few of our AMR mums have selected their favourite items available at AMR that they think would make a great gift for any Mum.

Happy Shopping!

Rachael's Gift Suggestion - Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a great gift idea for any mum! There are so many brands to pick from, our top pick is Silver Bullet for a high-quality product that will be long-lasting. There's nothing better than making mum feel special and good about herself, now she can do it all year round with one of these at home! Why not go the extra mile and style her hair for her? Straighten it, curl it or just brush it for her. Who doesn't love that feeling?


Silver Bullet hair straightener with accessories


Pictured - Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Supernova Rose Gold Straightener 

Julie's Gift Suggestion - Nail Dipping Powders

Does Mum love doing her own nails and is highly skilled? The Kiara Sky range would be perfect for her to elevate her nail game and this brand is super long-lasting!

\We won't lie though, Kiara Sky can be super tricky to use, we'd recommend reading how to use Kiara Sky before committing to this purchase. 

Carly's Gift Suggestion - Pedicure Pack

Even though I'm a hairdresser, I'd strongly recommend a good pedi pack. Put together some foot scrubs, lotions, foot mask and refreshing foot soak. If you're feeling really generous, you can even carry out the service on her yourself. If not, she now has all the tools she needs to conduct a spa treatment on herself from the comfort of her own home.

Try this Natural Look Cool Feet Pedicure Gift Pack


Natural Look pedicure pack


Amy's Gift Suggestion - Kryolan Skin Liner

I simply just love it! That's all I can say about it. it's so precise and perfect that it helps create the winged liner look.


Kryolan skinliner black


Pictured - Kryolan Skinliner Black

Randa's Gift Suggestion - Parlux Hairdryer

Hands down the best blow dryer and the only one I've used. It's powerful and lightweight. Nothing beats the original Parlux 3200. You really can't go wrong with any Parlux from the range and did we mention they are super long-lasting? Don't expect to need a new hairdryer in the next few years after getting one of these babies!


A line of Parlux Hairdryers


Jenny's Gift Suggestion - 18 in 1 Moisturising Creme

This is my go-to product to repair my hair after it has been damaged. it's nice and light which doesn't weigh the hair down. it's definitely value for money and suitable for all hair types. It also leaves a nice smell on my hair.

18 in 1 Moisturising Creme 200ml

Pictured - 18 in 1 Moisturising Creme

Sangita's Gift Suggestion - Modelrock Liquid Last Matte Lipstick

It is long-lasting and suits any skin tone for any occasion. There are so many colours to pick from in the Modelrock range!

More Affordable Gifts for Mum Under $100

Dumb Blonde Platinum Gift Pack

Excuse the name Mum but this is an excellent product for your Mum if she has blonde hair.

Anyone with blonde and silver hair will adore Dumb Blonde Platinum Gift PackFive toning products are included: Shampoo, Mask, Spray, Leave-In Cream and Serum. Each product contains specialised violet pigment to neutralise yellow tones.

In addition, hair is vigorously nourished and revitalised from root to tip. You can even inform loved ones that the Dumb Blonde Platinum Gift Pack is cruelty-free and Australian-made. Price: $59.95. 

Fanola No Orange Retail Duo Pack

For brunettes and dark blonde hair, we recommend Fanola No Orange Retail Duo PackThere are two irresistible products inside: Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Fanola No Orange Mask. Each one combats orange and brassy tones without the usual drama.


Your loved one can even cleanse, nourish and hydrate at the same time.

Showing your appreciation on Mother's Day is too easy with these haircare giftsPrice: $55.90. 

Girls Night In Pack With Hawley

Finally, spoil your mum with a wonderful makeover: Girls Night In Pack With HawleyClick the link to check out the contents for yourself.

Let your loved one unleash their glamorous side with Girls Night In Pack With Hawley. Price: $70.00. 

Silver Bullet Luxe Travel Set Rose Gold

Silver Bullet Luxe Travel Set Rose Gold is the ultimate way to spoil your mum. This kit contains one hairdryer and one hair straightener. Both are travel-sized, but their performance is still mighty impressive.

The devices are strong and super-efficient. Innovative technology is the Silver Bullet specialty. We are excited to report the mini hairdryer features 1200-watt airflow with two heat and speed settings. Meanwhile, the mini straightener has friction-free ceramic plates and heating abilities of up to 220C. We also cannot forget the luxurious rose-gold colour of both devices.  Price: $107.95. 

Happy Shopping & Gift Giving

These are just some of our team's recommendations on their top Mother's Day picks. On behalf of AMR, we would love to wish all the mums and special ladies out there a happy Mother's Day. 

Mums deserve more than one day's worth of celebrations but we'll make the most of this special day too. 

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