Anti Fatigue Mat

Salon Anti Fatigue Mats For Your Protection

As the name suggests, salon anti fatigue mats are designed to stop fatigue. Working in any retail environment you'll know you are on your feet all the time. Hairdressers and barbers feel it more than anyone. You're just about to sit down and in walks a new client. You'll sometimes go the entire day without getting a chance to sit down. These mats are important because they help to reduce the chance of fatigue from standing on hard surfaces. Muscles in your legs constrict, making it harder for the blood to flow easily. This makes your heart pump faster, causing tiredness as a result. The mats help to make the surface of the ground softer, placing less tension on your legs.

Finding The right Salon Anti Fatigue Mats For Your Service

There are plenty of mats on the market. Each of them varies in thickness, size and materials. Firstly, the AMR salon anti fatigue mats are made with Extra-Flex foam with a performance rated polymeric surface. The mat is also considered to be the double thickness of regular mats and easy for cleaning as it's static-free. You'll be able to pick from round or rectangle mats, with special cutouts to go around your salon chairs. Furthermore, the added foam will spring back even after pressure has been applied. That means you won't need a new mat for a very long time. If you've got any additional questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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