Wholesale Hair Services: Benefits

Wholesale hair services differ from standard retail products in two key ways: exclusivity and affordability. Hair salons have the advantage of getting access to all exclusive new products that come out of beauty labs. As a hair professional, keeping up with all trends and novelties will add a distinctive quality to already expertly executed services. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind selection of trade-restricted items but you’ll get them with discounts that shouldn’t be disregarded.

Specialised Wholesale Hair Products

When a client walks in your salon, they expect you to be ready for whatever needs they have. Sometimes, it can be a simple blow-dry or a regular haircut. On other occasions, you will need to perform something more delicate such as a bleaching procedure, a perm, or hair lice treatment. To rise to any occasion, it is important to plan and keep in check your supplies.

Planning Your Monthly Supplies

If you have a budget you can spend within a certain period, grabbing wholesale hair products will produce significant savings in the long run. At any given moment, the more items you have from the following list, the more assured you will feel that your clients will be happy with the provided treatment:

  • Perm and hair end papers
  • Neutralisers, strengtheners, and multipliers
  • Keratin treatment kits
  • Hair straightening and smoothing products
  • Fibre sprays
  • Bleach care, colour care, and protein repair lotions
  • Purifying and charcoal treatment
  • Blonde kits
  • Bulk package shampoo and conditioner
  • Wholesale hair accessories:
  • Cotton wool
  • Perm rubbers
  • Perming foam
  • Silicone perm rods

Although it looks like a never-ending list, with a little monthly planning, you can get hold of the most important items. Purchasing them online from a shop offering quick delivery is another way for guaranteed service when needed. Avoid being out of supplies by signing up for AMR updates and be among the first to know when your favourite items are back in stock.


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  • DNA Organics

    DNA Organics QPLEXX Kit 1

    Restricted To Trade

  • DNA Organics

    DNA Organics QPLEXX Kit 2

    Restricted To Trade

  • Abba

    ABBA True Shapes Herbal Therapy Acid Wave Perm

    Restricted To Trade

  • Be Hair

    Be Hair Mineralizing Plumping Lotion 150ml

    Sale! $29.44 $20.61
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  • Be Hair

    Be Hair Sachet Magic Cleaning Crazy Color – Kit 3

    Sale! $53.90 $37.73
  • Brasil Cacau

    Brasil Cacau EcoKeratin Treatment Kit 1L

    Restricted To Trade

  • Brasil Cacau

    Brasil Cacau EcoKeratin Treatment Kit 300ml

    Restricted To Trade

  • Brasil Cacau

    Brasil Cacau Express Kit 110ml

    Restricted To Trade

  • Dateline Professional

    Dateline Professional Flat/Long Perm Rubbers 50pk

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  • DeSoto

    DeSoto Jumbo Hair End Papers

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  • DNA Organics

    DNA Luxury Organics Primrose Reco Masque 500ml

    Restricted To Trade

  • DNA Organics

    DNA QPLEXX Bond Multiplier No.1 300ml

    Restricted To Trade

Showing 1–12 of 136 results

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