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6 Easy Formal Hairstyles

September 28, 2017

Samantha Bun

6 Easy Formal Hairstyles

Your HSC is almost over! Gone are the stresses of studying for an exam or being bogged down by the pressure to do well. Time to throw it all in the bin and worry about the important things… like your hair! Your school formal is a time to celebrate all your hard work and commitment over 7 years and just have and party with your friends. Not only that, but it is an opportunity for you to put on your best dress and your best hair and makeup! So what hair will you wear to your school formal? If you haven’t decided yet, then don’t you worry! We have put together a wide range of easy formal hairstyles you can rock on this momentous occasion you will remember for a lifetime!

First things first, your hair needs to match your dress. If you are wearing a halter neck dress, you will want to wear your hair in an up-do with elegant drop earrings so everyone can see the shape of your dress. If you are wearing a dress with an open neckline, you may want to show off your beautiful shoulder blades by wearing an up-do, or you can leave your hair cascading over your shoulders if you want to go for a more elegant and demure look. Once you have decided your desired look to go with your dress, everything else is a lot easier. Here are some easy formal hairstyles to help you decide:

1. Romantic waves – Easy Formal Hairstyles


Instragram: @natalieannhair

The romantic wave is one of famous hairstylist Natalie Anne’s signature looks and I think one of the safest options to go with. These beautiful soft curls will just drop over your shoulders and add an air of elegance to your overall appearance. You can wear this hairstyle with any dress as it is simple, timeless and classic. Because the look is currently trending, chances are most girls will have their hair in a similar fashion, but it won’t really matter. Everyone rocks it differently and in the end, what matters is you being able to look back at your photos in a decade or even five decades from now and being happy with your style.

H2D x 5 Professional Curling Wand

You can book with a stylist to achieve this look, however, if on a budget you can still DIY. Not only is the romantic wave stunning, it is quite easy to achieve if you are consistent with your curling technique. First you will need a curling wand and your curl size will depend on the size of your barrel. I find the best product to help achieve your desired look is the H2D Professional Curling Wand Set that has 5 interchangeable barrels. Here is a video tutorial that can further show you how to do this at home.

2. Messy bun – Easy Formal Hairstyles

Instagram: @elzivaholahair

Messy buns are the lazy girl’s go-to on any normal day, but who’s to say you can’t rock one at your formal? A messy bun will look less casual and more formal with all your added details like floral embellishments, jewellery and other head pieces alongside your makeup. It is easy, simple to do and no-fuss. If it starts to fall, it’s supposed to look a bit messy and so what?

You can go to a stylist for this, but you can also save some mullah and DIY – I mean, how hard can it be? Simply brush your hair pop it into a pony tail. Tease the living hell out of it, divide the hair in two sections and wrap the hair around in opposite directions around the base of the ponytail. You can pin extra pieces of your hair around inches away from the base to give a more frayed look. You can lock the look in with bobby pins and hairspray. One of the stronger hold hairsprays is Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Lacquer Hairspray which is quick drying, non-sticky and long lasting.

Shwarzkopf Silhouette Lacquer Hairspray

You may have some loose hair dropping which you can decide if you want to keep it straight or curl it a bit for an added touch. Talk about an easy formal hairstyle!

3. French chignon – Easy Formal Hairstyles 

Instagram: @xingmaquillage

If you are looking for something a bit more classic and understated, the French Chignon is the most beautiful up-do hairstyles that can be adorned with wonderful jewels or flowers. How can you go wrong with this kind of stunning simplicity? Heck, this style could even be perfect for a spring carnival hairstyle!

Again, you can book this in with a stylist or just attempt it yourself because it is so easy! Simply twist your hair on both sides into the centre for a low ponytail, roll the remaining hair in the ponytail up into a little loopy bun and pin the hair in. You can lock this in with bobby pins as seen in the image below.

4. Braids – Easy Formal Hairstyles
Instagram: @hairandmakeupido

Braids! These are my absolute favourites and if you have ever seen any of my previous braid posts you would understand how obsessed I am. My favourite braid for a formal look would have to be a fishtail braid because it is the most elegant of all braids. It doesn’t look lazy like a normal dutch braid as it has more layers and texture to it. It is most beautiful when it is a bit messed with some loose pieces and with baby’s breath running down it like this image above.

It may look difficult, but you can always get someone who knows how to braid to do this for you. There are so many tutorials you can find on how to do a fishtail braid like the one below.

5. Side Bun – Easy Formal Hairstyles
Instagram: @hair_by_christina

So how can you go wrong with a glamorous side bun? You can’t. It’s one easy formal hairstyle that will just require a fair bit of bobby pins. Just watch this tutorial and you will be able to nail it in no time:


6. Half up – Easy Formal Hairstyles

Instagram: @hairbykayti

And my final easy formal hairstyle is the half-up look. There are so many ways to achieve this – you can do it with your hair straight, wavy or curly. You can do this with a little bun up top or as a waterfall braid to be super fancy. There are so many amazing ways to style your hair half up and it is super easy to do. You can even get gorgeous curls without using heat!

There you have it – 6 easy formal hairstyles. Most importantly, remember to have fun whatever hair you’re in! The whole point of your formal is to have a blast celebrating the end of your school days and all your accomplishments thus far. Enjoy!

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