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Hair extensions are now among the styling tools and materials in most beauty salons. Many clients just love how quickly they can go from a pixie to long, luscious strands without having to wait for years. Human hair extensions are the perfect long-hair solutions for impatient customers. They are also perfect if your client is looking for added texture to their hair. 

Remy Human Hair Extensions in Rich Colours and Nuances

The hair market offers a variety of human hair extensions. Here at AMR, we have taken care to provide an assortment of colours made of Remy human hair. These extensions resemble naturally grown hair with almost no difference.  For the hair with volume and length, we provide 20-inch (50 cm) extensions. It's simple to apply with an easy keratin bond and tape joint application system. Don’t let your customer notice any stray strands of hair by applying appropriate bead colours to the extensions. We have them in black, brown, and beige.

Hair Extensions Care

To help our customers extend the longevity of human hair extensions, we have stocked our supplies with specialised hair care products. These include shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for treating hair extensions. We have detangling brushes, as well as heat protectant creams, oils, and intensive nourishing treatments.  Provided you give adequate care to the human care extensions, and re-fit them once the hair grows, the extensions will stay beautiful. put and preserved on anyone’s hair much longer than you expect.  

Removing Hair Extensions

As much as the human hair extensions give that all-natural look, they are still attached to the hair with specific hairstyling procedures. Therefore, they require careful removal, in case the customer decides to go for something else.  To remove the extensions with as little effort and hassle as possible, we recommend the hair extension remover, a gentle dissolver of the keratin bonds and tape joins used to stick the human hair extensions.  With AMR human hair extensions and related hair care products, playing with client hair lengths is made simple. Your clients can now enjoy length variations many times a year. We have all the products necessary to make their dreams come true.