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Barber supplies from AMR

At AMR we specialise in providing professional barber supplies to hairdressers, stylists and all people involved in the barbering industry. Our barber supplies are a collection of carefully selected items that have been produced using only the best materials with a meticulous precision to delight every customer. If you are considering to open a barber shop, we have all the required barber tools, accessories and furniture to kick start your business.

What barber supplies we offer?

In our arsenal of wholesale barber supplies we offer variety of products including hair clippers and trimmers, scissors, shaving gels, blades, brushes, beard treatment items and more. As a professional barber, you will surely understand that being equipped with the best tools in the trade is essential to ensuring you provide quality service and the ultimate barbering experience to your clients. Hence, investing in a really good pair of scissors or ultra-soft brushes is a smart decision. In addition to cutting and maintenance tools, professional barbers need to have cleaning supplies to keep scissors, blades etc. in good shape and sanitised. No one likes poorly maintained cutting tools, dirty combs and brushes. So, maintaining a clean and sanitised atmosphere will definitely bring clients back to your shop. We offer all tools and cleaning supplies to keep your barber shop trendy and clean. Use AMR barber products to maintain the quality of your salon and keep your clients happy.